3 Group Skiing Holiday Tips For The Christmas Period

Trees And Ski Resort In Austria

Everyone love’s Christmas. Whether it’s because you’re guaranteed to get a few days off work, have the opportunity to spend it with friends and family or simply that you know you’re going to get some great presents, it’s a fantastic time of the year.

And when you decide to go on a group skiing holiday over Christmas, it can make it all that more magical (if not purely because you’re guaranteed the festive favourite – snow!).

But as fantastic as being away on a group skiing holiday can be over the Christmas period, to ensure it’s as fantastic as you expect it to be, there are a few points, hints and tips you need to know.

1. Find one chalet for all

One of the main points everyone loves about Christmas is the ability to spend it with friends and family and the appeal of a group skiing holiday can be the fact that you’ll be spending it with your nearest and dearest, all in one location.

It’s therefore important you do your utmost to find a group skiing chalet to fit everyone in, as although chalets can be close to each other, there’s definitely something special about everyone being under one roof.

And although you may think it’s going to be a little difficult for larger groups, don’t worry – most of the resorts we provide skiing holidays to have chalets that sleep well over 20 people, whilst those going on St Anton group skiing holidays can sample chalets for over 30 people and for those heading to Lech, there’s one for over 50!

2. Pick the right resort

Arguably the most difficult thing you’re going to have to do, if you want to please everyone (or at least attempt to!), you need find a resort that’s got something for everyone.

When you’re at home, the younger children can play in the garden, the older ones can go out with their friends, the young adults can spend time shopping and enjoying a night out and the older adults can go for walks and enjoy a great drink in a comfy bar (we’re stereotyping a little, we know!) – but this is all because it’s readily available.

There’s no one resort that’s perfect for everyone, but there’ll be a resort perfect for your group’s needs somewhere, offering everything it is you need. You simply have to work out what it is everyone wants and slowly narrow your selection of resorts down.

And if we can help at all, just get in touch!

3. Understand it’s going to be a different Christmas

As fantastic as going on a group skiing holiday over Christmas is, it’s important you understand that it’s going to be very different to your Christmases at home and because of this, you shouldn’t try and replicate them exactly.

For example, bringing everyone’s presents with you would be almost impossible. Instead, just bring a few small gestures so everyone has something to open and simply embrace the fact that you’re doing something not many people do, which is spending time away from home with the people you love.

Going on a group skiing holiday over the festive season can be a great way to spend Christmas, making it particularly magical – and by following the three points mentioned here, you can ensure it’s a Christmas no one will ever forget.