5 Of The World’s Funniest Skiing Videos

Skiing Snowman

We love skiing and we’ve had some particularly memorable experiences on group skiing holidays all over Europe. From great runs right through to fantastic evenings in certain après ski bars, some of the most memorable parts of any holiday are the laughs – and when you’re skiing, you’re never short of hilarious moments!

With plenty of people managing to capture some particularly funny moments on camera from skiing resorts all around the world, these five videos are some of the funniest skiing related videos out there.

1. A little boy falls asleep – whilst stood up and still wearing his skis

There’s little doubt that skiing is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, you’ve got to remember that everyone has their own needs and some people need more rest than others – as shown by this little boy who has literally fallen asleep whilst stood up in his skis!

2. The 1980s were…bright

This video is full of shots of skiers falling over on the slopes and as funny as they are, what really made us laugh were the clothes the skiers were wearing. We know it made sense at the time and ensured you were at the height of fashion, but looking back, it’s got to be one of the worst decades for fashion ever.

3. Skiing doesn’t always have to be on snow

This may not be the brightest thing to do – and it’s definitely not recommended – but watching this person ski down the escalator at Angel tube station in London had us in stitches, purely for the fact they managed to pull it off. We were certain they were destined for injury!

4. The Skiing Bird #1


When you’re out skiing, you often see some unusual sights on the slopes – but an ostrich skiing has to top them all.

OK, so it’s obviously not going to be a real ostrich, but it still looks like a perfectly normal ostrich to us. Except for the fact it’s skiing, of course.

5. The Skiing Bird #2


It’s a fact that birds are intelligent animals, but this video (which shows a bird sliding down a roof time and time again on something they’ve found) made us laugh out of pure amazement, as it tells us that not only are birds intelligent, but they love to ski!

Seen – or got – a funny skiing video? Let us know – we’d love to see it!