5 Reasons Booking A Chalet Makes For The Best Ski Holiday

la-chapelle-chalet2You’ve talked to your friends and family and have decided that next year, you’re going to all go skiing again.

You’ve got your skis out from the garage, dusted them off and found your jacket and trousers.  You’re in the mood and want to book somewhere instantly, so you jump online.

And it’s at this point that you’re faced with more decisions than you thought possible.  From country and resort through to lift passes and transfers, one of the more surprisingly complex decisions that needs to be made is whether you stay in a hotel or treat yourselves to a catered ski chalet holiday.

Both having their benefits, here we take a look at why a chalet could make your ski holiday the best one yet.

1.  You’ll practically be on the slopes

One of the most notable reasons why ski chalets are chosen over hotels is because of their proximity to the slopes.

Whilst you’ll no doubt be able to find hotels that are close to the slopes in the majority of ski destinations around the world, many chalets are actually built within a few hundred metres of them, meaning you can roll out of bed, put on your skis and be gliding down the snow in a matter of minutes.

2.  It’s a much more social atmosphere

Generally speaking, a hotel room caters for two people.  Occasionally you’ll get rooms for three or four, but more often than not, you’ll book a hotel room for you and your partner.

So what happens if you prefer group skiing holidays?  Yes, you’ll be able to spend the day together, no doubt visit an après-ski bar afterwards for a drink and meet up for a meal once you’ve showered and changed, but it’s all a little disjointed.

You do things in couples or small groups.  You might find you eat separately on a morning or you all don’t go out on an evening – after a day of skiing, some people just want to curl up and relax.

With a group ski chalet, you get the best of both worlds, as not only can you do things in small groups if you wish, but you get the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with everyone you’re travelling with.

For example, if a few people don’t want to get ready to go out after skiing, why not bring the party to the chalet?

3.  It’s a home from home

The problem that a lot of people have with hotels is that they’re essentially forced to do certain things at certain times.  It might only be a small point to some, but if everyone in the hotel is going out skiing for the day, for example, you’re unlikely to want to stay in your small hotel room by yourself.  It’s things like this that can take the edge of what is supposed to be a fun, relaxing holiday.

The difference with a ski chalet is that you’re essentially living in a home away from home, meaning you’ll have all of the benefits you’d expect and so often crave on holiday – your own space, your own freedom and the ability to do what you want, when you want, whether that’s going out skiing all day or sitting and relaxing with a good book in the open, friendly communal living area.

4.  You’ll find things you won’t find in a hotel

When you’re looking to hire a chalet, you’ll find that you’re able to get somewhere that is full of extras you wouldn’t find in a hotel, making your stay much more comfortable.

It might be something luxurious such as an outdoor hot tub or something more convenient – your own dedicated room for your ski equipment, for instance – but whatever extras your chalet offers, the simple fact is they’re likely to make your ski holiday that bit more enjoyable.

5.  You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time

The popularity of ski chalets right around the world is shown by the amount of people who visit time and time again.  Booking a hotel might be the most obvious answer to your accommodation questions, but chalets, simply put, can provide an experience like no other.

You’ll have inviting bedrooms for you to retire to at night.  You’ll have a large, communal living area for you to socialise in with your friends and family (or even others who are staying in the same chalet if you haven’t booked every room, which is something many have said is the reason behind them making new friends).

Plus, as it’s a catered chalet, you’ll also have someone to cook and clean for you, meaning you’re able to relax as though you were at home, but without any of the chores.

And most importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday with an atmosphere that you just can’t get in a hotel, no matter how small and quaint or big and lively it is.

There’s no doubt that going skiing can be a fantastic break for all the family.  Whether you’re going to take on some of the black runs or you’re simply going to soak up the somewhat magical atmosphere, there’s something for everyone – and hiring one of the many ski chalets in every resort will very likely prove to be the perfect base for your entire holiday.