Best Sellers

We take immense pride in ensuring as much as we possibly can that every single accommodation we have available won’t disappoint. They’re visited, vetted and verified, and we’re delighted by the regular positive feedback we receive.

But as with every type of holiday, there are always ‘best sellers’; accommodation that just seems to tick all the right boxes for everyone who stays there – and it’s these accommodations that we’ve brought together in this section.

We often ask ourselves what impressive features make a certain hotel so in demand? Or what’s so special about a specific chalet that people just can’t seem to get enough of it and come back time and time again?

Whilst we’ve got all of the data and analyse it regularly, the reality is, there often isn’t just one single reason, but a multitude. It’s not just one thing that people love, but the whole experience the accommodation offers, and the impact it has on the wider holiday.

We know the saying “we just want somewhere to shower and sleep” is common – but we also know it’s often not true, and for the vast majority of people, accommodation is so much more than this. Sure, if you break it right down to basics, you might only spend most of your time showering and sleeping in it, but your other senses ask for so much more.

It has to be aesthetically pleasing. It has to smell fresh and clean. And probably the one point that’s so hard to define – it needs to just feel ‘right’.

And whatever your ‘right’ is, one of the best sellers here is very likely to be just it.