Booking Ski Package Holidays France? Tips To Improve Your Skiing Skills

Ski Package Holidays France

Whether you have embarked on ski package holidays France based before or are booking for the very first time, one thing you’ll want to know is how to improve your skiing technique. You’ll want to do this as quickly as possible too, so you can make the most of your time away. Here, we look at a few essential tips for bettering your ski skills fast.

The first tip is fairly obvious, but something some people still overlook. It is absolutely essential that you book yourself some lessons, preferably at the time you book your ski holidays to France. It really is the fastest way to see improvement in your technique. A qualified instructor can quickly analyse what you’re doing now and how you can introduce small changes that will make a big difference. Make sure your coach has the right experience and qualifications and has proficiency in teaching people of your skill level. Also check the terms and conditions of the lessons, especially if you’re booking group rather than one-to-one coaching. You don’t want to arrive and find your course has been cancelled because not enough people are enrolled. Secondly, having booked your lessons – prepare. Skiing in France and elsewhere requires masses of leg strength and the time to find out you don’t have that is not when you arrive! Look online for exercises you can carry out in the run-up to your ski holidays France, such as squats and lunges, cycling and step-ups. These will build the muscle groups you’ll routinely use on the slopes: the quadriceps, at the front of your thighs, and the gluteals, at the back.

The next tip, for when you’re out there on your ski package holidays France, is something that can be difficult to master, but will pay dividends if you can get the hang of it. You need to be able to shift your centre of gravity. It’s something that even more experienced individuals on ski France holidays or elsewhere have trouble with, but the more you practise, the easier you’ll find it to improve your technique in other ways. But what do we mean by shifting your centre of gravity? In a normal standing position, this lies within your abdomen, a little below your belly button. For skiing, you must move that forward, so that it points more forward-facing, down the hill and over the balls of your feet. Imagine, for instance, that you’re riding a bike – it’s more this position you’re aiming for than standing. The final recommendation is practise and plenty of it! And not only that, but you need to enter into it heart and soul. There’s no point approaching the snow with caution. The time to rest up is when you get back to your ski chalet France based, not while you’re out there on the snow!

So now you have a few hints and tips on how to prepare yourself, and maximise your skiing skills, while on your ski package holidays France based! Remember, the main thing is to practise, practise, practise and before you know it, you’ll be flying down those slopes!