Chalet Ski Holidays France – How To Layer Up During Your Ski Trip

Chalet Ski Holidays France


One of the trickiest things about planning for your chalet ski holidays France wide is what to take in the way of clothing. It’s not like a beach holiday where you can take the minimum! You have to think about keeping warm, staying dry and changing conditions too.

The answer lies in ‘thinking in threes’. Three layers are the best way to achieve maximum comfort at all times, whether you’re on the slopes or back in the bar for your après ski experience. Here’s what to pack for skiing in France:

  • Your base layer is often referred to as thermal underwear. Don’t skimp on this, because it’s the key to staying warm out there. It’s also important for staying dry. Working out on the slopes can generate a lot of perspiration. If this is trapped next to your skin, you’ll shiver: the damp material will reduce your body’s natural warmth and allow the cold in more quickly. Look for long johns and long-sleeved T-shirts specially designed for the ski market that promise to keep you dry, rather than warm.
  • For warmth, this is where your second layer comes in: an insulation layer. Fleece is ideal here. Not just any jumper will do, because you’re looking for something breathable that will keep the warmth in while letting moisture out. Many choose to take two on ski holidays France based, a lighter-weight one and a heavy-duty one for really cold conditions. Features such as zips in the under-arm region may seem excessive, but can be invaluable for keeping you cool when you work up a sweat.
  • Finally, your top layer: again, think in threes when choosing this. You need it to be 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable.

That’s the briefest of guides to what to pack when embarking on chalet ski holidays France: a great tip is to search online forums and see what others recommend!