When Should Children Learn To Ski From Ski Chalet Rentals France?

Ski Chalet Rentals France


Skiing has always been a big part of your life. You even made sure that the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with was an avid skier, but now you have children and ski season in France is about to begin. You’ve found perfect family ski chalet rentals France, but should you be taking the kids, and should they be on the slopes yet?

The answer to both parts of the question might come as a bit of a surprise. As long as you are properly prepared, children should travel and enjoy new experiences, including skiing in France, from a very young age, in fact the younger the better. If air travel and all that goes with it is a part of their lives basically from birth, it becomes second nature. The key to doing this successfully is preparation. Ensure that you have everything a young child could possibly need to hand. Read up on the most recent rules regarding liquids on planes and electronics, so that you aren’t left struggling at security. And, especially if travelling with toddlers, take plenty of things to keep them occupied. The same attention to detail needs to be paid to your ski chalet rentals France. Check that where you are staying is family friendly and find out in advance what amenities and equipment is on offer, whether it is included in the price, or whether you need to hire it separately. You know your children best when it comes to the type of accommodation. Will they be better in a family chalet, or will a hotel suit them, and you, better for ski holidays France?

The second part of the question, when should they start skiing is a little more complex, but again, the general answer is as soon as possible. Technically as soon as a child can walk and run around the catered ski chalet France, they are ready to strap on a set of skis, but you must be ready too. You are more likely to be the one stressing and worrying than the child is. Children bounce, they fall and they get straight back up, they lack the fear that we develop as adults. Of course, that is part of the worry for parents. That is why it is essential to have access to a good ski school close to your ski chalet France, which is set up to deal with children first stepping out on skis and of the age that your children are when you first take them. Most experts seem to agree that between 3 and 4 is the best age to start. Children are old enough to understand and follow instructions and develop proper technique, but are not so developed that they have learned to fear falling. However, there is no reason why a 2-year-old who has developed the required muscle strength and balance can’t take to the slopes close to your France ski chalet with proper supervision. One mistake that parents do make is to assume that they are the best teacher for their child; even if you are an expert skier, this is rarely the case. You will have picked up short cuts and bad habits over the years that could be dangerous for your children to copy. A qualified children’s ski instructor is always the best way to go.

Of course, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t spend any time on the slopes with your children. Just let someone else do the hard work so that you can enjoy sharing the results and having fun. That way you and your children will still be on speaking terms when you head back to your ski chalet rentals France.