Catered Ski Chalet Vacations Take The Pressure Off And Add A Luxury Touch

Catered ski chalet vacations are among the most popular choices for holiday makers hitting the slopes at ski resorts all around the world. But ski holidays are already regarded as one of the more expensive types of vacation, so doesn’t having the catering included as part of the deal make it even more pricy? Moreover, isn’t it restrictive, having to adhere to someone else’s mealtimes and schedule? Not at all. In fact, you may find that paying for the catering in advance may actually save you money on your stay. And furthermore, there are plenty of other advantages for opting for this type of accommodation. Read on to find out more.

What Are Catered Chalet Ski Holidays And Why Choose Them Over Other Options?

If you’ve never considered catered chalet ski holidays before, it’s probably worth running through what’s usually included in the price. Of course, it’s wise to check the exact details before you book. However, typically, a catered ski chalet includes a cooked breakfast to set you up for the day; a light afternoon tea when you come home starving from your hours on the slopes; and dinner in the evening. Wine is often part of the deal. All meals are prepared fresh on the premises and served by a team of staff whom you’ll get to know better during your stay. Unless you book private catered ski chalets, then depending on the size of the chalet and the number of people in your party, you may be sharing the accommodation and services with other couples and families. Either way, though, it’s a more friendly, intimate atmosphere than a large, impersonal hotel. That’s the basic premise, so why would you choose a catered ski chalet over self-catering, for instance? Well, you’ve booked this vacation for the skiing, so you ideally want to spend as much time as possible on the slopes. Self-catering means someone in your party is inevitably be designated chief cook and bottle washer. Imagine the pressure and the time it takes planning meals, shopping for ingredients, washing up afterwards and so on. All that eats into your precious holiday time! Catered accommodation allows your whole party to sit back and relax, knowing menus are in hand. When you come back tired after a long day’s exercise, you can bathe and chill while dinner is prepared for you.

What Makes Catered Ski Chalets France So Special?

Of course, you could get the same kind of result if you book self-catering accommodation and then go out to dine at restaurants during your stay. But as the week goes on, you’ll find that this becomes the more expensive option. And then there’s the convenience of dining where you stay. When you have been active all day in the great outdoors, you’ll just want to strip off your wet clothes, change into something more comfortable and relax in your own surroundings. Getting dressed and ready for a night out at a restaurant isn’t nearly so appealing when you’re exhausted. Private catered ski chalets France wide are also great for parties with kids. Even more than the grown-ups, they’ll be either tired or over-excited, and it’s far better for them to dine ‘en famille’ without having to be on their best behaviour in a fancy restaurant. Of course, these kinds of facilities are available in all major skiing resorts, so why choose catered ski chalets France based? Well, simply put, France boasts some of the best skiing in the world. There are slopes and conditions for every level of skiing ability, as well as some of the biggest stretches of ski country in the world. It’s a relatively short and accessible trip from the UK, which all means less jetlag and more time on the slopes. And access to the right kind and quantities of snow in season are reliable too, so you can really make the most of your stay. Whether you choose catered ski chalets Morzine or Tignes located, France offers something for every ski enthusiast.

Tempted By Cheap Catered Ski Chalets? How To Get A Great Deal Without Compromising

Being close to the UK, France can be a prime destination for skiers on a budget. Skiing vacations can be alarmingly expensive, especially if you’re tied to school holidays. We all have a budget of some sort, and you may think that the convenience of a catered ski chalet pushes the price way above your reach. But remember, as mentioned above, it is definitely more affordable than eating out every night. You’ll also have paid in advance for food, so it’s easier to stick to your original budget and not overspend. If you are worried about cost, it can be tempting to make compromises when you book your holiday by automatically opting for cheap catered ski chalets. It’s worth considering, though, that cheapest does not equate to best. If this is your only holiday all year, you want to make sure it’s a good one. Naturally, you don’t want to spend the earth, so shop around and compare your options. One handy hint on getting an affordable yet comfortable holiday is to take advantage of late deals offered by a reliable travel company with experience in offering ski vacations in France. They’ll have done their research and found the best locations. Being flexible about your location is another good tip. Finally, there are some great catered chalet ski deals to be had, especially if you are willing to share accommodation with other parties or by booking a larger chalet and splitting the cost with friends. France Skiing is one company that offers catered ski holidays to suit almost any budget.

For The Best In Catered Ski Chalet Vacations, Make France Skiing Your First Choice

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