ESF Ski & Snowboard School

Since 1945, ESF (Ecole du Ski Français) have taught children and adults the most effective way of learning to ski and improving techniques. As an organisation responsible for over 17,000 instructors, ESF are constantly adapting their expertise, benefits and overall service to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry.

With many of the instructors now widely travelled during the summer, the education and knowledge of other languages, especially English, has improved the relationships between the non-converted British holidaymaker and families and individuals that have consistently trusted ESF as the number 1 ski school for tuition, fun and mountain knowledge.

Starting at 3 years old in the ESF’s Club Piou Piou, your child can learn quickly the way of the mountains and adapt to wearing skis on snow. The fully trained instructors conduct these lessons with passion and dedication and from 4 to 5 years the same process occurs. From 5 to 12 years the instructors teach your child to learn the basics to be able to move away from the nursery slopes and onto the higher, more challenging slopes.

For teenagers the Group Lesson and Private Lesson formats are well documented and well attended. The most cost effective being the Group Lesson where you will meet other like minded and same level skiers in manageable group sizes.

Many of the ESF schools offer special courses for teenagers ranging from off-piste to competition. It is worth looking out for offers and courses on and the schools own websites.

For adults you can enjoy many of the same disciplines offered to teenagers as well as further level courses in off-piste skiing, ski touring, snowshoeing and cross country. All schools offer the chance to ‘hire your own instructor’ which gives the added benefit of flexibility and finer tuned tuition. A Private lesson can consist of up to 3 to 4 people of the same level, giving a closer and more intimate learning experience.

The role of ESF does not stop at just skiing. Over the years ESF have increased the awareness of the mountain environment and have realised the need to promote the surroundings and other disciplines associated with mountain life. Indeed, it is not fun to ski without discovering everything the mountain has to offer.

As well as the fun element of winter sport, ESF have worked tirelessly on the importance of safety on the mountains. Knowing the mountains and the dangers such terrain brings, ESF have continued to provide information on the prevention and correct approach when skiing the mountains.

Nearly 70% of ESF students are under 14 years and it is important to educate this clientele as soon as possible so that they acquire the correct styles and eradicate the bad habits early on. This guarantees a safer and more responsible skier in years to come.

ESF’s expansive instructor base are ready to take you through the varying ski areas in a fun and safe way where you can ‘experience the freedom’ for yourself.

ESF can introduce a wide variety of winter disciplines where the passion of the sport really shines through. Whether you want to just enjoy the snow, master the terrain, fly at speed, understand the area or just hit the slopes in safety, ESF have the professionalism to do this which has resulted in achieving a worldwide reputation.