Food Delivery Service

We’re proud to announce we are now working in partnership with OffCourses. Expert and leader of shopping delivery in ski resorts. The service is made to simplify your holiday!

The principle is simple:

1. Choose your package via the Downloadable PDF. Once you have made your choice, send us an email with your package choice and number of people.

2. RECEIVE IT the day of your arrival in resort, outside of your accommodation.

3. ENJOY your holiday!

Process of delivery: you’ll be contacted by a delivery man to make an appointment.



You do not know You have questions about how it works?

Here are some questions / answers that should help you in preparing your shopping for your ski holidays!

1. How does the delivery occur?

The deliverer will call you in the afternoon of delivery day to make an appointment. Generally, the delivery happens between 4.00pm and 8.00pm. The deliverer will give you your order in front of your residence (downstairs). That’s why, it’s essential for us to have your correct mobile phone number and for you to be available the Saturday afternoon.

2. I will not arrive in the resort for the delivery.

We try to find a solution to leave the boxes in the flat. To do that, we need the agreement of the reception of your residence.

Do not hesitate to warn them of your late arrival and your Off Courses order.

3. How much does the shipping cost?

If your order is < 61€ the delivery cost is 50€

If your order is >61€ and < 101€ the delivery cost is 10€

If your order is >101€ and < 151€ the delivery cost is 5€

If your order is >151€ the delivery is free

4. I’m going to order several weekly packs; will I have any discount?

The price of every weekly pack decreases per the number of packs ordered. The price displayed is the price of one pack.

5. I’m ordering full week menus; how many packs will be delivered?

The full week menus exist in 2 versions: 1 person and 2 people. If you are ordering for 3 people you will receive 1 pack for 2 people and 1 pack for 1 person.

Verify the concordance with your delivery slip.

6. I’m on a special diet, are your products suitable for me?

Be careful; the products can contain nuts, tracks of shellfish and gluten. Some products are stamped vegetarian or halal, they are good for people who generally eat these products.

7. “Full week menus” baskets are made up of fresh products?

Every basket is made up of fresh products and products from local grocers.

8. The “best before date” is correct for my week?

On every product, you can read until when you can eat the product from the day of delivery.

Generally, products are good until the end of your stay. However, some products are more fragile and they can have shorter “best before dates”. Please eat them at the beginning of your stay.

9. How do I pay?

To provide a fast and efficient service, it is necessary to simplify the methods of payment. Only orders by credit or debit card will be accepted.

10. How much does it cost?

The Box prices are:

– Kids: 49€
– Vegetarian: 96€
– Gourmet Half board: 86€
– Premium: 119€

Prices are per person per week.