3 Clear Reasons A Skiing Holiday Is Good For You

skiers-in-chairliftIf you are currently preparing yourself for a skiing holiday, then you probably have thoughts of beautiful winter conditions, but with the sun also shining down on you.

Perfecting your technique whilst skiing down the mountains – what more could you want from a skiing or snowboarding holiday?

Well, the fact it will also bring some fantastic health and body benefits is also a big positive.

If you are on your adventure skiing holiday for a week, then you are going to be burning up to 3,000 calories in that period, whilst also toning stomach muscles.

To help you get the best out of your skiing or snowboarding holiday, we are going to give you three reasons why this sporting break is going to be very good for you and your body.

1.  It will tone your stomach muscles

To help your body keep its balance whilst you are skiing you are going to need to engage your core body muscles.  These are the sheath of deep muscle that start either side of your spine and runs around your body, ending up in your pelvic region.

The key stomach muscles, when strengthened, compress the lower abdomen, which in turn tones your stomach muscles and stabilises your spine to protect it when you bend down or fall over whilst skiing down the mountain.

2.  It will help you lose weight

It is said that a weeks worth of skiing can see you lose five pounds in weight; this is because you are burning up to 3,000 calories each day you are flying down the mountains.

The more experienced you are at skiing, the more you are likely to burn more calories, as you will be going down steeper slopes and going over moguls, all of which make your muscles work harder to keep your body balanced.

The fact that it is going to be quite cold as well means your body will raise its own temperature, meaning more calories are going to be disappearing.

Yes, we know that alcohol and high-calorie foods go hand in hand with a skiing break, but avoid these and you will lose more weight.

3.  Your cardiovascular system will improve

Your skiing holiday is going to be very good for the muscles, but it is also extremely good for your cardiovascular system, whether you are an experienced skier or a beginner.

To improve your cardiovascular system you need to increase your heart rate which will mean your blood circulation is also increased.  This will bring more oxygen to your tissues and help to rid your body of any waste.

This also means your muscles will bring in more oxygen and blood, which helps your muscles to expand, which in turn will burn more calories quickly.

Now add them three benefits to the idea you already had for a skiing holiday and, to us, it sounds like the perfect holiday.