5 Skiing Terms You Should Know Before You Go On Your France Ski Holiday

ski-resortIf you are a beginner to the adventure of a France ski holiday then there are some things that are good to know before you depart on your journey.

From the equipment and clothing you need to the visits to the apres ski after a days skiing, there are so many things you will need that you’ve never needed on any other holiday previously.

For instance, how many of you skiing virgins know what moguls are?  Or did you know what we meant when we said apres ski earlier?

Here in this blog post we are going to go over some skiing terminology that will hopefully get you through your winter adventure holiday.


Also known as slopes, these are the defined areas that you will be skiing on.  They are made flat every evening ready for people to ski on first thing the next morning.

Nursery Slope

These are the easiest slopes you will find, as they are designed for first time skiers and snowboarders.  They are much wider and safer than other slopes; ideal to learn the basics of skiing.

Chair Lift

The most popular way of getting up to the top of a mountain to begin your ski down.  You sit on a bench and rest whilst you are taken up to the top.

There are other forms of lift; the drag lift and the magic carpet, which is usually found on the nursery slope.

Also, there is the cable car which is like a large cabin that takes in a few people and takes them up the mountain.  There is a miniature version of this called the gondola.

Apres Ski

This is French for ‘After Skiing’ – simply put, going to the bars and restaurants to enjoy the nightlife.


Small bumps that appear on pistes, occurring as a result of many skiers turning in the same place and pushing the snow into small piles with the edges of their skis / boards.

There are other terms, such as heli-skiing or off-piste skiing, but as a beginner you will not need to know these or even get involved in them; these are just for expert skiers.

If there is anything you need or want to know, or are not sure about on your France ski holiday debut then feel free to contact us and ask any questions.  We always endeavour to have the solution for you, our customers.