5 Tips To Getting The Cheapest Group Skiing Holiday Possible

A ski piste with lifts on either side and a building in the middle at the bottom

We always try to ensure that every holiday we offer at France-Skiing.net is as affordable as it can possibly be. We know that many are finding it a little difficult financially at the moment and it means they’re having to tighten their purse strings more than ever. However, we also know that everyone deserves a holiday.

And although we really do aim to keep our prices as low as we can, there are numerous hints and tips you can follow to ensure you pay as little as possible and the following five are those we’d always recommend when looking to get the cheapest group skiing holiday available.

1. Choose a group ski chalet

When you’re visiting any ski resort, you’re going to have two options when it comes to your accommodation – a hotel or a ski chalet. Whilst hotels can without doubt be a good option, group ski chalets almost always work out to be the most cost-effective choice.

Meaning everyone in your group can stay in the same place, they’re also the most sociable option and ensure everyone gets to spend as much of the holiday together as they can (plus, when you consider your meals are included, you don’t even have to leave the chalet to do anything other than ski!).

2. Buy as much as you can in advance

Just like you’d find suntan lotion and beach toys were more expensive in beach resorts than they would be at home, if you wait to buy a new skiing helmet or goggles when you land in your skiing resort, you’re going to be paying considerably inflated prices.

It’s the same with ski passes. Although readily available to buy in resort, you’ll generally be able to ensure you choose the best pass for your needs at the cheapest price possible if you arrange it before you travel.

3. Be flexible with dates

We all know that travelling in the holidays is going to be more expensive than other times of the year, but you can be confident you’re getting the best deal if you can be as flexible as possible with the dates you want to go.

You don’t necessarily have to simply say “I want to go in November”, but you might find that by being able to travel three days either side of your intended departure date, you could save a substantial amount of money.

It’s obviously not a possibility for everyone, but a few days really can make a big difference.

4. Go purely for the skiing

It might sound like a simple one, but if you go on your group skiing holiday purely to ski, you’ll find you spend considerably less money than if you were going for a full on, action-packed and activity-heavy holiday, as it’s everything outside of the skiing that usually increases the cost.

If you’re planning on spending half of your days on the pistes and half in après-ski bars, for example, that’s great – but you need to remember that if you end up spending £50 every afternoon drinking and eating in bars, that’s an extra £350 you’ll be spending on a seven night trip.

5. Do your research into the resorts

Following on from the above point, if you’ve factored in going to a bar everyday and have put money aside for this reason, you want to ensure that the resort you choose to visit meets all of your group’s needs and not just your skiing requirements.

For instance, you might get a good deal to one resort which looks great for its skiing, but it could mean you’ve then got to spend money every night on a bus or taxi getting to the next big town to enjoy the vibrant nightlife you’re looking for. If this is the case, the maths has to be done to find out whether staying in the cheaper, quieter resort is going to prove to be false economy or not.

Everyone wants to save money on their holiday and although we do our utmost to keep the price of our group skiing holidays as low as possible, by following these five tips you can ensure you really do get the cheapest deal possible.