A Typical Day On The Ski Slopes

SONY DSCWaking up on a group ski chalet holiday to a day on the slopes is one of the best feelings – but it is still nowhere near to being the best, as your day just gets better and better once you are out of bed in your own chalet.  Once you are ready to go downstairs for breakfast, generally in your pyjamas or a onesie,  there are your own chefs awaiting your arrival so they can make you any breakfast that you desire.

This can literally be anything from pancakes to a full English fry up.

Once you have demolished your brekkie and had a chat with the rest of your party you all go back to your rooms to get ready for a day skiing on the slopes.  Wrapping up nice and snug in your large coat, hat, gloves and salopettes, clothing appropriate for very cold snow, you then go to the boot room where everyone’s boots and skis are ready for action.

Depending on how close you are staying to the first slope will depend on whether you can ski to it or have to take a shuttle bus, but either way, you are about to begin your morning of skiing – an utter adrenaline rush you won’t get anywhere else (except snowboarding!).

Experienced skiers will go off and do their own thing for the morning, whereas beginners will spend that time having lessons with a qualified instructor.

After a few hours of going down the mountains gracefully (fingers crossed) or falling over in the snow – either one is fun – you will then meet up with your party of family and / or friends for a spot of lunch and a natter about the skiing you have done.

We can honestly say there are not many things that come close to the views you get whilst sat on the side of a piste / mountain – they are very nearly indescribable.

If the weather is quite heavy then it is best to sit inside, where there will be an open fire to keep you warm and to help dry out your wet and cold clothes.  Also, if you fancy a drink whilst you are out skiing then there are generally little huts dotted around where you can treat yourself to a hot chocolate or a coffee to warm you up.

Then you head back out to the top of the mountain, via a ski lift, and begin to hurtle down the mountain on numerous occasions for the remainder of the afternoon, usually until sunset, which again gives you some absolutely incredible views.

And after the rough and tumble of a few more hours skiing, you can take your tired, aching legs to go for après-ski with everyone else.  This is just going for drinks and socialising with other skiers; it is so laid-back and relaxed that people go straight there from the slopes in all their skiing gear.

After a few drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, you all head back to your chalet, where the open log fire will have been started and will be burning away awaiting your arrival back.  This is just what you need after a day in the snow.

Then you have time to chill out, some people will choose to have a short nap, whereas some people will choose to spend time in the jacuzzi or hot tub.

Then you get ready for the evening ahead, which starts with a three course meal cooked by the chef, and after finishing the excellently cooked meal you will usually either spend the evening in the chalet relaxing or head out to a few bars and have a couple more cheeky drinks; after all, you are on holiday.

And all of this has just been your first day of your week!