Chalet Ski Holidays France: Why France Beats America At The Skiing Game

Chalet Ski Holidays France

The world is full of incredibly beautiful and exciting places to ski, but there are some places that are much more impressive than others. Compare chalet ski holidays France based with those in America, and you will see the difference straight away. When it comes to skiing, France is way out ahead.

Skiing in France is an excellent choice for your winter break away, especially when compared to America. To start with, it’s much closer, which means that it will take far less time to get to your France ski chalet than it would to get to one in Colorado, for example. That means you arrive in France a lot fresher and happier than if you had been subjected to a long haul flight. It also means that your money goes further – you don’t waste your travelling days, which means you get two extra days to ski when you go to France. Another benefit of going to France over America is that the scenery is just so much more impressive. The Rockies are great – stunning, in fact – but compare them to Mont Blanc, and there is really no competition. If you want to ski in the most gorgeous of surroundings, France should be your top pick. Adding to the wonderful views is the fact that in France, the treeline tends to be lower, accentuating those views and allowing for smoother skiing in general. It’s potentially safer that way, and you really do feel as though you are on top of the world when you are above the trees as well as everything else. There is no other feeling quite like it.

If apres ski is just as important as the skiing itself, you will want to go to France rather than America. With chalet ski holidays France based, the partying goes on all night and you’ll see the sunrise before the fun ends. Regarding safe skiing, there are very rarely any ropes or barriers along French ski runs, and that’s a good thing. Although they are used in America to keep people on the right slope and the right track, in low visibility, they can cause major problems and getting caught up in them is never fun. So they simply don’t use them in France. Your ski chalet France based is also going to be more exciting than an American one. A catered ski chalet is often much cheaper than the same thing in America, but you’ll be able to enjoy traditional, delicious French cuisine as a bonus! Finally, the pace in France is just much slower. We don’t mean the slopes themselves – some of them are incredibly fast – but the pace of life instead. You’ll often find skiers in France taking a break or five during the day to enjoy a cup of good coffee and a croissant before heading off on their next adventure.

If you think that skiing is the same the world over, think again. Ski holidays France based have the edge on anywhere else in the world, and booking one is something you will never regret. Chalet ski holidays France based offer the ultimate in slopes and apres ski facilities so you can enjoy yourself completely.