The Etiquette of Après Ski

Ski Chalet Holidays France

Part of the fun of ski chalet holidays France based is the après ski. Literally translated as ‘after ski’, après ski is the evening time fun and entertainment. It usually consists of drinks, food, parties, and general merriment. It’s not for everyone, but many people wouldn’t miss out on it.

There are some important dos and don’ts to bear in mind when joining in with the après ski festivities; getting this right means enjoying your evening. Getting it wrong means feeling out of place and uncomfortable. Après ski is all part of skiing in France, so it’s great to partake. One of the main rules of etiquette is that tables should be shared. As soon as the lifts stop moving, the bars and clubs start filling up, and if there are spare seats at your table, you should offer them to latecomers. If someone offers you a seat, you should buy him or her a drink. That’s just how it works on ski package holidays France. Another unspoken rule has to do with the hot tubs. There will probably be a few dotted around your resort, and you are welcome to use them. But you should shower before you get in, out of politeness. If not, everyone will be bathing in a rather nasty concoction of sweat and dirt. Something else important to remember is that you should pace yourself. Skiing with a hangover is never pleasant, and it will lose you a day or more of your well-earned break if you drink too much. Plus, alcohol at altitude works much quicker, so be careful.

Regarding clothing, there is no need to go to your chalet to get changed into evening attire. Wearing your ski base layers is absolutely fine – it’s even expected. You can go straight from the slopes to the party without even needing to return to your ski chalet France accommodation if that’s what you prefer (although do remember the etiquette regarding hot tubs if this is the case). Your equipment, however… that’s a different story. Most bars and restaurants will not allow skis, snowboards, or skiing boots inside because they get in the way of other people, and can cause accidents. They can be damaged too, which means you won’t be able to ski the next day. Therefore, you will have to take your expensive equipment elsewhere. You can put it in a locker, or go back to the chalet and leave it there. Bearing all of this in mind will mean you can enjoy all aspects of your ski chalet holidays France based no matter what you are into or how much partying you do or don’t want to do! Après ski really is a reward for all that hard work out on the slopes during the day, so you don’t want to ruin it for yourself, or anyone else.

Après ski is the best way to make friends on ski chalet holidays France, and these friends could well become lifelong ones in the end. Mingle, make friends, enjoy good food and drink, and recharge ready for another day out on the slopes!