How To Make Your Ski Trip More Romantic

Romantic Ski Holidays

Skiing with your lady love is a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day, and for those who are not quite used to being romantic, it can also be a stressful time. It can be stressful because many men (and women) want to make their special one feel great during Valentine’s Day, and that means making the day as romantic as possible. So how can you improve upon a ski date? Well, this guide will tell you.

  • Rent a ski chalet that looks romantic, warm, and cozy. What you do after you ski is just as important as the skiing itself, if you want to be romantic. Who wouldn’t want to sit by a quietly roaring fire, warming up from skiing the cold, icy slopes outside?
  • Stock up on hot chocolate, marshmallows, and perhaps a nice romantic candle or two for afterwards. Everyone loves to drink hot chocolate after spending a day out in the snow, and sometimes a cup of hot chocolate can say “I love you” better than a dozen chocolates in a box. After a day of skiing is one of those times.
  • If she doesn’t know how to ski, take lessons together, and give her a helping hand. Skiing isn’t easy, so don’t make a fuss if this is her first ski trip. Instead, be patient, take a beginner’s lesson with her, and help her up if she falls. (PS – Don’t forget to tell your lover how great they look in their ski outfit!)
  • Double date it. If you are friends with another couple, why not do a double date at your local ski lodge? There are plenty of special packages for group ski holidays, and you might just find one that is for couples only. For folks who are feeling a bit cash-strapped, this is a great way to cut costs when taking a Valentine’s Day ski trip.
  • Don’t try to show off too much (and if you do, try not to get hurt.) This one is a bit more common sense than other romantic ski tips, but it’s worth saying nonetheless. As tempting as it can be to try to make your significant other swoon by showing off your awesome ski skills, don’t overdo it, or worse, attempt a trick that you really don’t know what to do. A little bit of showing off is fun, but if you faceplant into a tree, you aren’t going to have a very happy Valentine’s Day at all, will you?

The most important secret to having a romantic ski holiday with the one that you love is to have fun. Don’t stress too much about how the ski chalet looks, or how the weather is. As long as the two of you enjoy yourselves, then the romantic spark that you are searching for is going to be there. So relax. Pick up a new pair of skis. Hit the slopes, and have a lot of fun!