How To Put Your Skis On Whilst On Your France Ski Holiday

A pair of ski boots laid on the floorIf you have never been on a ski holiday to France, then there are a lot of things you will need to know.

Yes, you are going to enjoy one of the best holidays and experiences of your life.  And yes, there is going to be loads of snow and beautiful scenery and views.

But after you get over the fact it is going to be an incredible experience, you need to focus on the fact that skiing can be very difficult, especially if it is your first time on a skiing mountain.

Basically, we want to give you an idea of what your week away is going to be like; from the clothing you need to how you know how difficult a ski run is going to be.

Here in this blog post, we are going to go over the basics of putting on your ski boots and attaching them to your skis.

A first-time skier will usually just rent their ski boots from the resort they go to on their France ski holiday, in case they don’t enjoy the experience, whereas a good skier might have their own boots, which will be tailor-made for their feet.

When you rent them, your skiing instructor will make sure you have the right boots for your size and your weight – this is so they detach from the skis instantly when you inevitably fall over.

Whilst you are stood still, your feet should be tightly compressed, but not so much that you cannot move your feet at all.  Your toes should not press against the front of the boot when you bend your knees to point your shins slightly forward at the angle of the boot.

Once you have your boots on, you need to walk to the top of the piste carrying your skis and poles with you, being careful whilst doing so as the edges of the skis can be extremely sharp – always wear your gloves when carrying them.

When you reach the top of the run, you need to put your skis on the floor and step into them.  First of all, sticking your poles into the snow and holding on to them will give you good balance to then place the toe of your foot into it’s binding.

Then you need to line up your heel to then push it into the rear binding.  You should hear a click which will let you know you have secured your foot into the ski.  Repeat with the other foot.

Slide your feet backwards and forwards slightly in your skis, which will again let you know if you have secured it appropriately.