Preparing Your Children For Family Ski Holidays In France

Family Ski Holidays In France


So, you have thought long and hard about taking your child on their first skiing holiday. Whether they went along with you as a baby and spent time in child care or not, their first actual skiing experience is going to be a challenge for you and for them. The key to successful family ski holidays in France is to start your preparations early.

If you have travelled abroad with your children since they were very young, then you have a head start on ski holidays France that those families that didn’t take this step won’t have. This means that at least the airport, transfers, queues and security checks are all second nature to them. However, that is where the head start ends. Regardless of how often they have travelled, their first day skiing in France is going to be both a big adventure and a very nervous time for you and them. It is important to begin your preparation for this day long before you leave for your holiday. Children need to have time to get used to the weight and feel of the clothing they need to wear, the ski boots and skis, and experience how different the world looks through ski goggles. Buy the basic clothing early and encourage children to wear it, even if it is just around the house. Get them used to how they need to move in it. If you can, take children to an indoor ski centre as well. That way they can experience ski boots and skis in a similar environment to that which they will experience on holiday in a ski chalet France.

The biggest test during family ski holidays for your child is their first day on the slopes. If they have never skied before then ski school is the best solution. Teaching them yourself is likely to lead to friction that you don’t want on your ski chalet holidays in France. Similarly, beginning preparation the night before reduces the chances of tension, stress and friction in the morning. Have all the clothing ready before bed and talk your child through what will happen the next day. Answer any questions they have, and if you are not sure, then make a note of the question to ask the ski school in the morning. Remember that getting ready in the morning is going to take longer than you expect, and much longer than it did before you took family ski holidays in France. Give yourself ample time, and double check everything before leaving the chalet or hotel. Once you have checked in your child with the ski school and asked any outstanding questions, make sure you leave the area promptly. If you hang around looking nervous, your child will pick up on this. The ski school will have all eventualities covered, and emergency contacts if needed, so say goodbye and head off to enjoy your day.

At the end of your child’s first day on the slopes, they are likely to be tired. Try not to plan too much in the evening, and give them time to share their excitement of the day. Following these simple preparation tips will help to make family ski holidays in France perfect for the whole family, and ensure that you are soon booking your next ski break.