What Attracted You To Go On Your First Group Skiing Holiday?

View Of Ski Run From Top Of Slope

We understand that we’re (more than!) a little biased, but we really do love group skiing holidays. Everything about them, from being out on the pistes feeling like you’re the world’s best skier through to waking up the next morning a little achy but desperate to get out there once again, is just fantastic.

Sure, you can’t beat laying on a beach and relaxing in the sun every now and again, but we’d almost guarantee that as soon as you head out on your first skiing holiday, you’d find it difficult to not, at the very least, see what deals are available to go skiing at several points throughout the year – it really is that addictive!

We can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that makes us want to keep going back time and time again, as there’s so much to choose from. The skiing itself is obviously a big draw, but the atmosphere, après ski, local people and the other skiers you meet in resort are only four of the many different things that help to make our skiing holidays what they are.

However, what we do know is what made us want to go on our very first group skiing holiday – and it was everything.

For some people, they want to go because their friends or family have been in the past. They’ve had such a good time that they’ve come home, told everyone about it and made others want to go desperately.

Plenty more book a skiing holiday after being tipped over the edge by reports of a great restaurant, bar or group skiing chalet. They’ve thought about going skiing for a while, but were unsure – then, after hearing or reading something particularly positive, it sealed it for them and they went out and booked a trip.

And for many others, it’s simply been something they’ve been dying to do for years after reading about it online and seeing pictures others have taken. Spending some time saving up and getting their friends or relatives to go, they finally got to the stage where they were in a position to book a break away and did so immediately!

With us, it was all three of these aspects – and so many more.

The lure of skiing has always been huge because of stories we’d read online and reviews we’d heard from relatives for years and our own interest in finding out additional information only made us want to go more.

However, tales of fantastic trips to a variety of different resorts made it difficult to choose which one we should go to first – actually, it made it almost impossible!

Eventually, we picked a resort for our first group skiing holiday and we’re delighted we did, as the entire experience was better than we ever thought possible. We got bitten by the ski bug instantly and can’t stop going now!

For those of you who’ve been on a group skiing holiday, what made you want to go for the very first time? Was it something we’ve mentioned here or something completely different? We’d love to know!