What Level Of Skier Are You?

Learning To SkiWhen you are planning a skiing holiday, whether it is on your own or a group ski holiday, you will already know how good your ability is when it comes to skiing.

When you are at the top of a slope looking down, you will know whether you have the skills and expertise to get down it with comfort or whether you are going to have problems and fall over on a number of occasions.

Everyone falls over, regardless of their ability, even expert skiers.  But some people fall over because they have chosen to do a run that is beyond their ability level.

For example, if you feel you are comfortable on a blue run then it makes sense for you to move to the next level and try a red run; but the chances are you are going to fall over a few times because you have stepped up a level and are not used to it.  It may be steeper or longer; either way, it is going to be more of a challenge.

So here we are going to give you three different skill levels, one of which you will be in.


If you have never been skiing before, then this is where you start; at the beginning.  Even if you have been skiing previously, but you either couldn’t manage the snowplough, or you couldn’t progress beyond it, then you are also classed in the beginner level.

The only way you can move into the next level of skiing ability is to master the parallel skiing stance; only then can you move into an intermediate level of skiing.


You should now be able to manage skiing with a parallel stance.  If you have just reached the intermediate level then you will more than likely still sometimes convert to using a snowplough, especially when you want to stop, turn or slow down.

But if you have been paralleling for a while then you will be turning and stopping in parallel; parallel will be used at all times.  This is when you know your skiing ability is getting better and better.

You will probably spend most of your time mastering red runs whilst in this level; once they are done then you only have black runs to move on to…


You have skied in many different resorts and are comfortable at all times on your skis.  You will spend time doing black runs, which are the most difficult, as well as using the red runs to give your legs a bit of a rest.

You will spend your days going very fast and carving it up, as well as skiing on and off piste.

From this blog post you should know which level of skiing you are at; don’t try to move up a level before your ability actually allows it, you will only end up frustrating yourself.