What To Look For When You Are Buying Ski Goggles

When you are preparing for your France ski holiday do you know the equipment that you should be purchasing before you go?  If you are an advanced skier or snowboarder then this probably will come as second nature to you as you may have the equipment already.

But if this is your first catered ski chalet holiday then it is likely that you won’t have the necessary things required.

And one of the most important pieces of equipment you are going to need is a pair of ski goggles.

To ensure that your France ski holiday goes without the problems of not being able to see where you are skiing, you need to be buying yourself a good pair of ski goggles to protect your eyes.

Goggles with UV light protection; if you leave your eyes unprotected against the sunlight – which can get very strong – then you run the risk of damaging your eyes.

Finding goggles that block a minimum of 95% of the sun’s rays is what you should be doing.

Choosing the right lenses

Polycarbonate lenses cost slightly more but are highly resistant to shattering and filter out a large proportion of UV light without additional coatings.  Peripheral vision is important for skiing, so ideally you should be able to see 180 degrees so look for goggles with large, wide lenses or wrap-around sunglasses with the least amount of distortion you can find.

Side shields, which may or may not be detachable, are often included so that wind and snow are kept away from the eye area.

Go for those that are yellow-orange or rose in hue.  Sometimes, they are known as ‘blue-blockers’.  These colours will enhance contrast and will improve your vision, while also cutting out glare from the sun.

Make sure the goggles fit

Take the time to adjust the strap on your head; if the strap doesn’t adjust very well or if the buckle is not secure, choose a different style.  Some styles have softer, more rubbery buckles that won’t dig into your scalp.

Wider bands are more comfortable than narrow ones and foam inserts keep out wind, ice and dirt.  The foam should be thick enough to help cushion your face if you fall but not so dense that it encourages fogging.

If your eyes do happen to suffer from soreness – maybe you got snow in them or it has been too bright – then taking time out from your France ski holiday to relax indoors will help to aid the recovery of your eyes quicker.