Would You Like To Become A Ski Instructor?

If you fancy swapping the city or town life for some crisp mountain air then a career as a ski instructor could be exactly what you are looking for.

Many young people that have enjoyed skiing holidays are now taking up the opportunity to either teach people to ski at the dry ski slopes in the UK, or moving abroad to live and work.

And we can’t blame them, because skiing is one of the best things you could ever do in your life, so why not teach others how to do it?

It will turn out to be the most fun you will ever have; the mountains are your office, and they come with fresh snow, blue skies and endless fun and laughter.  Throw in the apres-ski and the friends you will make and you probably wouldn’t swap it for anything else.

How high does your skiing ability need to be?

As with most things in life, the better you are at something, the easier it should be for you.  But if you are a beginner, or even just moving into the intermediate level, there are intensive courses you can enrol on that will instantly make you a better skier, before you learn how to teach others.

Good people skills are as important as being able to ski well, too – even more so when teaching beginners.

Being  ski instructor can turn into a balancing act when it comes to your personal and social life, in the sense that the lifestyle itself can be difficult to juggle for someone with a family – especially if they are still back in the UK.  But they could always try to get an instructor role at one of the indoor slopes.

For younger people and gap-year students, though, it can work out to be amazing.

Full-time instructors in the UK will receive a regular income, will be based near their families and will also be on the receiving end of ongoing training and development.

If it was us, we would go to a ski resort abroad, possibly to a France ski holiday, and work there for a year or so, and then see about getting a job back in the UK at one of the many indoor dry ski slopes.

The work abroad would give us so much more in terms of experience and knowledge, it really would be invaluable.