You’ve Got Your Group Ski Holiday Booked – What About Your Ski Insurance?

mountain-sideThere are all sorts of insurance that you will need throughout your life; for your home, car or your mobile phone.  Also, going on a holiday means you should be buying an insurance policy to cover you (although some people don’t see the need for it!).

If you feel like nothing terrible is going to happen to you whilst you are holidaying, the majority of the time you are probably right.  But there could always be that one single time when something bad occurs, and if you’ve got no holiday insurance then you are in trouble.

But if you have booked to go on a group ski holiday then you most definitely need to be taking out an insurance policy to cover yourself – accidents are certainly more likely to happen on an adventure holiday than any other.

It is called an adventure holiday because that is exactly what it is, an adventure.  Skiing down the side of a mountain cannot be described as anything other than adventurous.

And this is exactly why you need to cover your own back by taking out insurance – before you go on holiday, it doesn’t take long to find a number of policies that are suitable for what you need and they are not overly expensive, so just book one of them and you have that peace of mind.

Look at it this way; if you have no travel insurance and you were to have an accident whilst skiing, say you happened to dislocate your shoulder, it would cost approximately £2,000 to have you flown back to your home country so you could receive some treatment.

Now that is a lot of money to pay, especially considering you could have found winter sports insurance for about £20.

If you were to have a more serious injury – a fractured femur in your upper leg, for example – it would cost you much closer to £10,000 to get back to the UK via a flight.

Now, is it worth not taking out that insurance?

We don’t have that sort of money to throw away on something as simple as buying a policy to cover us, which is why we always cover ourselves, no matter if it is an adventure holiday or a regular holiday.

One of the best things we can tell you to do is to wear your ski helmet at all the appropriate times, especially if your resort rules say you should be wearing them.  Having an accident on your group ski holiday whilst not wearing your helmet will void any claim that you make.