Some Of The Biggest Myths About Going On A Ski Holiday

Ski France Holidays


If you are looking into ski France holidays, you will be amazed by the choices on offer. France is one of the most popular ski destinations in the world, and it is not difficult to see why. From the stunning views to the variety of slopes, France has it all. But, before you go and book your holiday, read on to discover some of the biggest myths surrounding skiing in France.

One of the most common myths about ski holidays to France is that you should bring your own skiing equipment because it will be cheaper. This is not the case. Not only will it cost a lot to buy ski equipment outright, but also you then need to get it to France. This will result in excess baggage charges. The best thing to do is hire equipment while you are there. You can organise this beforehand to save time when you get there. Another common myth is that you shouldn’t waste your money on ski chalet holidays in France if you are not a keen skier. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Plus, you don’t have to spend every hour of every day on the slopes. There is so much to see and do. You could, for example, spend a few hours on the slopes in the morning and then you could enjoy all of the facilities and other leisure activities at the ski resort for the rest of the day. Or, you could enjoy a day trip somewhere and explore another area of France?

There are also some common myths regarding skiing itself. If you have never skied before, you may have seen some tips online. One common misbelief is that bending the body side to side or up and down will help you to turn. However, you don’t need to do this with modern ski equipment. You will only be wasting your energy. Bending should occur at the hip joints, ankles and knees. Sideways or lateral movement should occur predominately at the hip joints, not the back or the pelvis. This is because the collateral ligaments of the knee stop them from laterally moving. You may also think that you need to ski with people that are better than you when it comes to ski France holidays. But, you need to be mindful, you can push yourself too far by trying to keep up with people that are better than you. Go at your own pace – don’t try to run before you can walk, as they say. Finally, there is also a myth that your ski boots should hurt. We don’t know where this came from, but it is definitely not true. Your toes may be chilly, but your feet should not be uncomfortable. There should not be any pins and needless, numbness, or pain.

So there you have it; some of the most common myths about ski France holidays. One thing that certainly isn’t a myth is that you will have one of the best holidays ever. This is a unique experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.