Skiing In France – Why Choose France For Your Winter Skiing?

Skiing In France


If you’re determined to get away this ski season and have been looking at destinations for your winter holiday, then skiing in France is probably top of your list. But why do so many people choose this country over other European, and indeed worldwide, destinations? There are a number of reasons, and we look at just a few here.

It’s true that every country has its own unique charms and assets. Austria, for example, has a great reputation for a thriving nightlife scene; while Switzerland has a fairy tale appeal and some of the world’s best known mountains. But you can’t beat ski holidays France for convenience, for starters. This is an especially important factor if you’re hoping to get away at short notice and don’t want to waste a single, unnecessary minute travelling there. Most of the major France ski resorts are within spitting distance of the airports, so lengthy airport transfers are not part of the deal.

Then, there’s the simple fact that France is beautifully endowed with some of the best, high altitude resorts in Europe, guaranteed to have reliable snowfalls during peak season. Not only that, but the season here tends to extend longer than other European destinations, offering the chance of finding bargain breaks when other resorts have closed up for spring. There are over 300 resorts to choose from, and many offer easy access to neighbouring skiing areas if you fancy a change while you’re away.

While it’s fair to say that a few of the newer French resorts might be lacking architecturally compared with the traditional images conjured up by Switzerland or Austria, book a ski chalet France in Meribel, for instance, and you won’t miss out on picture-perfect photo opportunities while you’re on your trip.

All in all, skiing in France just can’t be beaten for convenience, variety and conditions. In fact, you’ll want to visit over and over again.