Fancy Making Christmas Even More Special This Year? It’s Time To Go Skiing!

Christmas Trees In The Snow

Christmas. Whether you’re singing the song or not, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Getting to spend time with friends and family, eat and drinking more than you otherwise would and generally just having a great time, there aren’t many people who don’t like Christmas – even if it’s just so they can get a few days off work!

One of the problems with Christmas, however, is the fact that what the majority tend to love most about it is the thought. The cold weather that brings with it blankets of snow. The open, log fires that roast all day long. The ability to spend time with people you really want to and don’t usually get the chance to at length during the year.

Unfortunately, being in the UK, our Christmases don’t often meet up to our thoughts. Aside from the fact we might only see friends and family for a few hours on Christmas Day, Christmas 2011 was one of the mildest on record – Dyce on the east coast of Scotland reached a ‘scorching’ 15.1 degrees centigrade.

And it’s for this reason why if you’re looking for a perfect Christmas, you should pack up your friends and family and head out on a group skiing holiday!

First things first – you don’t have to be able to ski to enjoy a skiing holiday. The main focus of the resorts obviously revolves around skiing, but you really can have a fantastic group skiing holiday without having to even look at a pair of skis.

Let’s take the simple fact that if you head to any resort, you’re guaranteed one thing – snow. And lots of it!

If there’s one thing to make you feel more Christmassy than anything else, it’s going to be the ability to open up your curtains on Christmas Day morning and look out to everything being covered in a blanket of snow.

We don’t get the white stuff that often in the UK over Christmas, but we sampled it back in 2010 and most would agree there’s something particularly magical when Christmas and snow are combined.

Then we’ve got the vast array of activities that we so often see in the movies and consider them to be a part of Christmas – but again, we don’t get the opportunity to sample them in the UK that much.

Real tobogganing is a great example. Sure, we’ve all been down a bit of a hill on a plastic sledge, but how many people can say they’ve been on a 3.7 mile long toboggan run? Head out on a Val Thorens group skiing holiday and that’s exactly what you’ll be able to experience!

Taking around 45 minutes at first to go from top to bottom, it’s one of the most enjoyable and exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have – think back to when you first used a sledge when you were a kid and how much fun it was, then multiply that feeling by 100!

Another fantastic point to mention is we have numerous group skiing chalets available to cater for even the largest of families. Visit Alpe d’Huez on a group skiing holiday, for instance and you’ll be able to stay in the same chalet whether there’s two or twenty of you!

Perfect for the Christmas period when you want to see your friends and family more than ever, is there really any better way to do it than staying in a beautiful chalet where you’re all going to be within a couple of feet of each other at all times?

We love Christmas and we know the majority of others do, too. But as great as it is spending it at home, it doesn’t often have the same magical feel as we expect it to. It’s for this reason why heading out on a group skiing holiday over the festive period could prove to make your Christmas more special – and memorable – than ever before.