If You Love Technology And Love Skiing, You Need To Check Out These 7 Gadgets

Skier Putting Gloves On

It’s pretty much guaranteed that no matter what your hobby or career is, you’ll be using some type of technology on a regular basis.

Sometimes this is out of necessity – such as a computer – and other times it’s out of pleasure – the latest LED TV, for example – but there aren’t many people in the UK who won’t use some type of technology.

For many of us, our love of technology takes us one step further and we start to get into gadgets, things that are created to help – or amuse – us in a way that other technology doesn’t.

And with skiing continuing to become more popular, there’s a range of gadgets available for you to use when out on the pistes, with these seven some of the most notable that can completely change the experience you have on any group skiing holiday.

1. Pole Position

Designed to help you improve everything from general balance through to pole planting, this gadget is essentially just a piece of material – but it’s been given some huge praise in recent times.

Used by a variety of different ski schools, what’s fantastic about the Pole Position strap is that you can fit it in your pocket, meaning you can quickly attach it to your skis whenever you need a little guidance.

Costing around £30, you can buy it directly from www.skipoleposition.com.

2. iTrailMap 3D

A clever little app that you can download to your iPhone, it basically removes the need for a map.

Showing your resort in 3D, the app displays a vast amount of information, from that which will help you conquer the most difficult of runs through to pointing you in the direction of the nearest après ski bar.

And at £2.99 from Apple’s app store, it’s hardly worth contemplating. Just go get it!

3. Pro-Tec Audio Force Helmet

Many skiers love gliding down the pistes with their headphones on, listening to their favourite music. And if you haven’t tried it yet, you really need to – it can make the experience completely different (for the better!).

But with helmets becoming increasingly more popular (and advisable) it can be difficult wearing your headphones with them – which is where this gem comes into play.

Having ear pads that double up as headphones, this helmet not only keeps your head safe (and your ears warm!), but it connects to most audio devices.

Plus, at £54.99 (www.chainreactioncycles.com), you get a helmet AND headphones! It’s a bargain!

4. Skia Sweetspot Trainer

Although we’re all taught how to ski in the same way, our bodies are all slightly different, meaning we all have what’s known as a ‘sweet spot’ – a position where our balance is perfect, ultimately helping us ski in the best way possible.

The Sweetspot Trainer from Skia is fantastic because while it helps you find that sweet spot for when you’re out on the snow, as the idea is to use it away from the pistes, it means you can do all of your training at home and not waste valuable skiing time!

Having four separate settings (to mimic the different runs), it comes with several enviable endorsements (including the British Alpine Ski Schools) and costs just £45 from www.skia.com.

5. Ortovox S1 Transceiver

If you’re only just going on your first group skiing holiday, chances are you’re not going to need one of these. And at £299 (from www.snow-forecast.com), it’s a bit expensive for a ‘nice to have’.

However, for those off-piste skiers who are continually pushing themselves, it could be the best money ever spent – as an avalanche transceiver, what the Ortovox S1 does is alert any searchers to your exact location should you get trapped under the snow after an avalanche.

6. Burton Heated Document Jacket

This is one of our favourite gadgets on the list. Looking just like a regular ski jacket, it actually has an integrated heating system. It’s as simple as that.

It does cost £325 (available from www.burton.com), but with three different settings, you’re guaranteed to be warm irrelevant of when or where you go skiing.

7. ATC5K Action Cam

So far, the gadgets we’ve mentioned are all going to help you in some way, shape or form when you’re on the pistes. This gadget, however, is purely for fun.

A video camera that can be attached to your helmet, it comes with a 4GB memory card and ensures you can fully re-live your skiing experience when you’re back home from pretty much they exact same viewpoint you had when you were there. Priceless.

Costing just over £200, you can buy it online at www.oregonscientific.co.uk.

We love skiing and we love gadgets, but if you feel we’ve missed any out, let us know!