Should You Hire A Ski Chalet France Complete With Staff?

Ski Chalet France


If you are looking for a skiing holiday in France, then one of the decisions you need to make is where you will stay and in what type of accommodation. There are numerous choices available from hotels and hostels, to independent self-catering chalets. However, this is not the only type of ski chalet France has available and some come with a wide range of extras including staff.

When choosing your accommodation, there are several factors you need to consider, not least of all being the number, age and needs of the individuals you are travelling with. Not only will this affect the size and type of accommodation you choose, but also where it is situated, and the amenities that it needs to provide. For example, if you are skiing in France with young children, then access to childcare during the day, and babysitting services at night, mean that you may want to be close to the ski resort and accommodated in a family friendly hotel, or chalet complex. Couples and groups of friends however, may prefer the seclusion and flexibility of a self-catering ski chalet France based some distance from the main tourist track. Another consideration is the amount and type of help you require within your accommodation. Hotels generally provide for all your needs, from room cleaning to providing meals. But, you lose out on space and privacy. Self-catering means that you get the space and privacy, but as the title implies you must cater for yourselves in terms of cooking, cleaning and tidying; although some resort chalets have a weekly, or daily cleaning service included. There is another option available to you however, and that is the fully staffed chalet option.

The services provided in a fully staffed luxury ski chalet France wide will differ between companies and chalet owners, but in general include cleaners, hosts, chefs and even chauffeurs. Other services may include childcare and the provision of private ski tuition. If you are considering this option, there are some things you need to bear in mind. Firstly, these services are not free. They are usually included in the cost of the chalet, but if they are available as optional extras, you will need to budget for the cost. It is also important to know exactly what is being provided and when. For example, if the chalet includes a chef service, find out if this is for all meals, or just your evening meal. Also, find out whether this must take place at a set time, or whether the chef can work around your timetable. The same approach applies to a cleaning or maid service in your ski France chalet. Here one of the key things you need to find out is exactly what they are responsible for, and what you are expected to do. Something as simple as knowing where towels that need to be washed should be left can make your holiday go that much smoother.

A fully staffed ski chalet France wide provides you with all the benefits of a hotel stay, and much more. However, it is not for everyone, and it can work out very expensive if you do not do your research fully. Take your time when booking your accommodation and get expert advice where required to ensure you get the best possible ski holidays France.