Why Ski Chalet Hire France Is Just One Thing To Think About With Kids

Ski Chalet Hire France


Doing anything with children for the first time is scary. Skiing is no different, but as with the many other firsts, it can be accomplished with a little knowledge and a lot of preparation. The first thing you need to do is adjust your thought processes towards ski chalet hire France and everything else you know about skiing.

Pre-children, ski holidays France could take place at a moment’s notice. You get the time off work, pack your gear, head to the airport and worry about everything else as it happens. Now things are a little different. Firstly, you may need to re-evaluate the ski resort that you use. The bars and restaurants that are available, and the quality of the off piste skiing are no longer priorities. Instead, you need child friendly accommodation, such as a ski chalet France close to the slopes that provides the basics. This may mean things such as a cot, changing station and bottle warmer if travelling with a very young child. It may mean a catered ski chalet France with things like Internet access and cable TV for toddlers and school age children. When it comes to the skiing itself, you will no longer both be rushing to the slopes together from morning until they close. The little person will need care, entertaining and feeding. This may involve taking turns skiing, or for at least part of the time opting for a resort with kid’s clubs, child care and ski schools. Just remember, there is always the chance that your child won’t like the snow, doesn’t like the children in the kid’s club and hates the babysitter.

Don’t despair yet though. There is more to planning a skiing trip with children than the ski chalet hire. One way to get passed several the problems outlined previously is to go on ski holidays France with another family with children; preferably one’s that your child gets on with. Not only does that give your child company on the flight over, and during the stay, it also means that you get to spend time in the company of other adults, and as a couple if you share the child care responsibilities. If this isn’t a possibility, then consider taking grandparents, a family friend, or even the neighbours’ bored teenager with you to share some of the burden and the enjoyment of your ski chalet hire France. So, now you know where you are staying, and you have a plan and a backup plan for child care and support; surely you are ready to go. Not quite, there is still the small problem of getting there. Flying with a child can feel like a major military operation, but done correctly it is worth the planning. Leave yourself extra time, pack more changes of clothes for them (any yourself if taking a baby) than you could ever believe they will need and don’t forget to organise transport to your ski chalet rental France in advance.

Remember, even if your child loves the slopes, gets on at ski school and is generally amazing, they will get tired more quickly than you on the slopes, so be prepared to undertake lots of activities off the slopes, even if it is countless games of eye spy with the letter S in your ski chalet hire France.