Luxury Ski Holidays France – How Skiing Has Changed Over The Millennia!

Luxury Ski Holidays France

The luxury ski holidays France and beyond that we know and love today have origins that date back millennia. The earliest record we have of skiing as a means of transportation over snowy ground dates back over 10,000 years; and not from snowy northern Europe, but to an area of modern China called Xinjiang.

3,000 years later, from 5000 BCE, the earliest surviving samples of rudimentary skis have been found in Russia. But not till the 18th century was skiing pursued as a sport, rather than an essential. Around then, the Norwegian and Swedish armies used skiing as a means of training their infantries. These soldiers who took part in highly competitive ski exercises such as travelling cross country for upwards of 3km, wearing their full military backpacks. No après ski or luxury ski chalet France waiting for them when they finished their day’s travails! Only around the late 1840s did skiing became a serious leisure time activity, when Trondheim in Norway opened up the first ski tour to the public. The ongoing programme of railway construction across Europe began to open up the wild mountain countryside to travellers looking for great skiing in winter. The birth of ski holidays France based in particular can be traced back to November 1895, when the Ski Club des Alpes was formed in Grenoble. Only a few years later, the first ski lift was introduced in 1908. Now the tiresome business of struggling back up the hill was over, skiing became much more appealing to a far wider range of individuals. The chairlift made its first appearance on the slopes in 1936 and those who ski for fun and sport have never looked back since!

So from essential transportation across snowy countryside to one of the top holiday experiences around, skiing has a long and distinguished history. Of course, things are much easier these days, as the sheer quality and comfort afforded by luxury ski holidays France wide will show. But across the millennia, the challenge remains the same – to make the most of snowy terrain!