Ski Chalet Rental France – What Is A Chalet Anyway?

Ski Chalet Rental France


If you’re brand new to the exciting world of skiing, it’s likely your knowledge of what constitutes ski chalet rental France wide is limited. In the UK, many people’s experiences of a chalet consist of a small and basic rental property inhabited during a stay at a holiday camp.

Others may have the traditional Alpine chalet in mind, a utilitarian wooden hut remote and used only by lonely farmers high up in the mountains. Yes, a chalet can be both of these things – but these days, it’s a whole lot more. The typical ski chalet France wide is now the staple accommodation for those pursuing their favourite winter sport. Many still uphold the traditional architectural style on the outside, though. The typical chalet features wide gable ends which support a large, gently inclined roof. This bears the weight of the falling snow, spreading it more evenly across the footprint of the building. Additionally, the eaves are deeper than you’ll find on your own house in the UK. This allows excess snow to slide off and fall harmlessly to the ground. But why is this kind of accommodation now so popular with those who come for the skiing in France? Simply put, the chalet provides a far more relaxed, private and comfortable experience for groups, families and couples alike. Skiing is a high energy pastime, so it’s great to relax and kick back when you return from the slopes without stress. The chalet with all its facilities, from fully equipped kitchens to complete digital entertainment systems, really becomes your home from home for the duration of your stay. You don’t even need to bother cooking if you choose catered options.

So next time you’re planning a trip to France for the winter skiing season, think roaring, open fires and the traditional charm of your own cosy wooden chalet. Nestled in the snowy countryside yet conveniently located for the slopes, ski chalet rental France based is an experience not to be missed!