Ski Chalet Holidays France – Can We Predict The Weather?

Ski Chalet Holidays France


One thing you can never guarantee in the UK is the weather: it’s as changeable as, well, the weather! So when you book your ski chalet holidays France wide, you may worry whether you’ll benefit from good conditions. Are weather forecasts reliable, or is it hit-and-miss?

Despite huge technological advances in forecasting, it’s still virtually impossible to say with any certainty what the weather will be like on any given day in the future. But you will frequently see weather forecasts under broadly these three categories:

  • short-range – predicts the next 48 hours;
  • medium-range – looks ahead around three to seven days; and
  • long-range forecasts are for seven days or more.

Unsurprisingly, research shows that the most reliable of these forecasts is always the short-range one. Less reliable, but still with good prospects for accuracy, are mid-range forecasts. So when you’re skiing in France, you’ll at least have a good idea of what you’ll experience in the week ahead.

However, another factor we can build in when we predict weather is ‘past performance’. For many years now, detailed records have been kept on what conditions are like at various times of the year, in various seasons, and even monthly. So we know from experience that in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, winters tend to be colder and summers warmer. More than that, we know the average snowfalls from past years and therefore the likely prime locations for ski holidays France wide in terms of snow. Hence, ski seasons can be set in advance with a fair amount of confidence.

We also know for a fact what’s already happened over the course of each season, which is why figures for average consolidated snow depths on lower and upper slopes are measurable and available. Combined with the best forecasts for temperature and falling snow over the shorter to medium term, you can head to your favourite resort in season for ski chalet holidays France based and know for a fact you’ll get some skiing in!