Ski France Chalet Holidays In Spring? Precautions For Skiing Near The End Of The Season

Ski France Chalet


There are advantages to planning your ski France chalet holiday towards the end of the season. These include the fact that, as the ski calendar draws to a close, the slopes are likely to be quieter. This means less queuing and fewer crowds. You may even be able to grab a bargain in terms of accommodation.

However, as the weather starts warming up, there are a few factors you will need to be aware of to ensure you stay safe on the slopes. As you can see from these below, though, with a little forward planning, they needn’t spoil your ski holidays France based:
1. Days warm up quicker than nights in spring, and warmer weather during the daytime means the snow may begin to melt a little. As temperatures again drop at night, this can freeze to form ice, altering the surfaces of ski slopes. Be prepared for the change in conditions.
2. Likewise, the depth of snow will decrease. This could begin to reveal tree stumps, holes in the ground and other hazards that have been covered throughout the winter. Be more alert to your surroundings to avoid knocks and tumbles.
3. It may still be chilly out, but spring skiing in France should see the welcome return of the sunshine. When reflecting off the snow, this can increase the chances of sunburn, so make sure you apply sunscreen to exposed skin frequently. Also, ensure you’ve invested in good quality protection for your eyes to protect against glare and harmful UV rays.
4. Temperatures will alter more quickly – when the sun’s out, it could feel much warmer; but you’ll soon chill off again when it goes in. In terms of clothing, instead of one or two bulky layers, invest in numerous lighter layers you can strip off and put back on as needed.
All in all, there’s every reason to take advantage of a bit of late skiing with a ski France chalet holiday, as long as you’re prepared!