What To Look For When Buying A Ski Jacket

After your skis and boots, your skiing jacket is probably the most essential part of your winter adventure holiday.

If you didn’t already know, it can get extremely cold when you are at your ski resort, so a big ski jacket is essential; otherwise you are not going to be able to handle the temperature and weather conditions that come with a skiing holiday.

You may think that any form of winter – and waterproof – coat may work, but that is not the case.  A ski jacket has different features to a normal winter one.

From the helmet compatible hood to the lift pass pocket – things which other jackets just don’t have – a ski jacket is a purchase that needs to be right, whether you’re a regular skier or a beginner.

The choice can be overwhelming when you go to choose your outer layer, but you should be going for one that has high weatherproofing capabilities.

Due to the high physical performance that comes with skiing, many jackets come with the ability to breathe.  By this we mean some jackets have built-in vents and breathable fabrics, which let sweat out, but no moisture in.  This way, you stay warm, but cool when skiing down the slopes.

Buying the right ski jacket can be quite difficult.  Firstly, the temperatures you will be experiencing can get unbelievably low, so you need to be kept warm.

But on the other hand, after skiing for a short period of time, your muscles and inner core are going to be thoroughly warmed up and you are going to get hot, so you need a jacket that has the ability to ventilate and breathe so you don’t get sweaty and uncomfortable.

There are some features that you should be looking out for when choosing your ski jacket:

Snow skirt

This acts as a barrier against the snow, so when you fall over (which you will!) snow is stopped from going up the bottom of your jacket and getting your body cold.

Durable Water Repellent

Otherwise known as DWR, this is a water repellent coating that is applied to the face fabric of your ski jacket to provide a layer of water repellency.


Venting will allow you to stay comfortable when exerting yourself, and extra features such as pit zips and deep chest zips allow you to easily release built up moisture when needed.

Whichever jacket you choose to go for will be fine, as long as it is made for a skiing holiday, and as long as it is going to keep you warm.

There are other features which you could look for your new skiing jacket to have, so if you need any more information on what you need to be looking for then do not hesitate in contacting us.