3 Tips For Buying Your New Ski Boots

No matter how well planned your skiing holiday is, or how perfect your catered chalet is going to be, there are some things you simply cannot avoid that will ruin your holiday.

The wrong type of snow or extremely bad weather, or being in a ski school with the most annoying person in the world, are some of the things you can do nothing about; they are out of your control.

At the same time, there are things that can spoil a perfectly good skiing break that you can do something about. Making sure you have the right ski boots is one of them.

If you have been out and bought your very own ski boots prior to your holiday, and they are poor fitting boots, then your skiing is going to be a bad experience.

Not only will the boots hurt you, then will ensure you cannot ski properly. Talk about having a ruined holiday.

Let’s be honest, skiing holidays are quite expensive, as is the equipment you buy to go with, so you need to be sure to take all precautions available to you before splashing out the big bucks on things like boots.

It is quite easy to go about getting the right ski boots; as simple as going to the right shop, taking your time and paying attention.

1. Choose the right shop

By this, we don’t just mean find a ski boot shop; it has to be the best shop going for what you need.  Ask around for recommendations from fellow skiers or ski clubs, see who they recommend.

Make sure the shop itself has experienced boot fitters, and are skiers themselves, and they have all the things required to give your boots that tailored aspect that is going to make them YOUR boots.

2. Take your time

Because this is going to be a big, important purchase you need to take as much time as you can to make sure you buy the right ones.

Ask the boot fitters about their after-sales services – as they usually suggest you try out your boots before going away, then if there are any problems they can be rectified.  Take yourself to your nearest indoor slope and have a practice wearing them.

3. Pay attention

You will only get the right fit for your boots if you give the boot fitter the right information throughout the fitting process.

Be honest about your ability; if you buy a boot too far above your ski level, it will inhibit your technique and slow down your learning.

Communicate with your boot fitter about your experience, the terrain and conditions you prefer, your current and future goals, plus any previous comfort or injury problems.

Remember, getting the wrong ski boots will completely ruin your skiing holiday, so put all of your effort into getting the right ones for you.

Any questions, feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to give you the response you are looking for.