What’s Stopping You From Going On A Group Skiing Holiday?

We offer group skiing holidays to a wide variety of destinations because we know just how fantastic they can be; we aim to have a selection of skiing holidays available that are going to appeal to all skiers, whether they’re experts, beginners or they haven’t even been before.

However, we know that not everyone loves skiing.  We understand that it may not be for every single person out there and there are some who might even say they hate it.

But what we’ve come to realise talking to people who supposedly don’t like skiing holidays is that not only have they often never been on one before, but their mind is full of misconceptions.

Ideas that are so far off the mark it’s difficult to believe that people thought there was even a hint of truth in them.

Take one of the most obvious misconceptions as an example – that group skiing holidays aren’t for people who can’t ski.  OK, when you head out on a St Anton group skiing holiday the primary focus of your stay could very well be strapping on a pair of skis and spending hours everyday on the pistes, but there’s so much to do away from the runs that you could easily spend a week in the resort without even thinking about skiing.

This misconception isn’t that unbelievable (largely because the name ‘ski holiday’ can be a bit misleading), but it does show that as soon as you read or hear something that could suggest a less than positive skiing experience, it can put you off a skiing holiday until you’re shown otherwise – or more drastically, until it’s proven otherwise.

The problem is that if you’ve got such misconceptions in your head, you’re unlikely to change your mind just because one person tells you that what you’ve always thought and assumed is right, is in fact wrong.

Deep down you probably know they’re telling the truth, but it’s a very similar situation when you’re in your teens or early twenties and your parents tell you something – you often choose not to believe what they’re telling you is right, even though you know from past experiences it’s very likely to be the case.

Linked in with this example, it’s therefore a good idea to do your own research into skiing holidays and not base your assumptions on what other people have said.  We’re not saying you should make your own mistakes (that could mean you never go on a group skiing holiday!), but you shouldn’t just take what one person has told you as gospel.

Here at Simply Your Holidays, we try to offer information that is going to help you make the best decisions possible about skiing holidays. For example, we don’t tell you that every resort is perfect for everyone and we are more than happy to explain when, for example, the après ski isn’t suited to families.

We really do want everyone to have the best group skiing holiday possible. It’s as simple and straightforward as that.

If you’ve got any questions about skiing, whether it’s about a certain resort, what you need to get started or specific information on any given run, bar or activity, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We honestly believe everyone can enjoy group skiing holidays and most preconceptions people have are based on false or inaccurate information, something a little research can soon put right.